Who You Gonna Call? An Exterminator!

Who You Gonna Call? An Exterminator!

Challenges come in all shapes and sizes when you deal with people. We love people, but some just aren’t very considerate. Our last artist was one of those people. We have rules set in the contract about eating, cleaning and storage, but sometimes after week one all of that seems to be forgotten and we end up with horrible situations at times. This was the case was Austin. Oh My God! He was a major snacker. He created lovely pieces, I just don’t understand how he got anything done with all of the breaks he took to eat. Anyway he moved out, but pests moved in.

We have ants everywhere. There is close to an infestation of them at this time and I want to call an exterminator, but Cameron really believes we don’t need to spend that much money on the problem. Maybe he’s right but I just think we should attack the problem full force with all of the ammunition we have and not give the bugs any chance to revitalize. Cameron told me to calm down and let’s take a trip to the department store down the street. They carry everything, even bug spray. We found the lane carrying our desired poisons and started reading all of the labels. We stood there nearly an hour reading and goofing off reenacting bug spray commercials. We picked out 5 options. We had sprays, gas bombs, traps, motels, and food.

We got back to the studio and declared all out war. It was going to get ugly, but it had to be done. We covered our special pieces first and tried to follow all instructions on the containers. We were forced to evacuate until morning. The fumes were too strong to endure.

We returned the next morning very hopeful. To our surprise, when we entered, we were greeted by a long line of ants. We were both thinking, what went wrong? We had failed miserably. Cameron wanted to go another round with bug spray and traps and the whole 9 yards, I just wanted to get rid of the ants. Watching them was making my skin crawl. It was just disgusting. I finally convinced Cameron to call an exterminator. This may have shredded every bit of pride within, but at least we would be able to reclaim our studio.

We called a popular exterminator in the area. They could not come out for a couple of days and this was frustrating. I was torn on whether to close the studio for a few days or just keep it open and hope no one gets bitten or becomes just as disgusted as I was with the presence of the pests. Cameron and I agreed to keep the doors open and just be very alert of what is going on especially when artists and potential customers come through. We managed to observe and kept a spray can nearby at all times.

The exterminator came Thursday afternoon as promised. He did an excellent job. The spray was odor free, but it worked well. When Cameron and I arrived at the studio Friday morning, we saw nothing moving. There was a bit of clean up, but well worth the effort. So far, all day, and I have seen no little creatures creeping around.