Preparing The Gallery for Showing

Preparing The Gallery for Showing

Today was a daunting task set before us. Who really knew how much work goes into setting up an art studio. There are so many behind the scene things that go into this exhaustive preparation that the visitors to the art studio will never see. Planning and more planning had to be done before work could even begin.

  1. The first thing that I decided to do was choose a theme. I am not a party planner, but thanks to great resources and helpful hints from friends and other artists that have done this before, I realized that theme is very important when it comes to a showing or an exhibition. Theme is just as important as the art itself. There has to be a flow and a cohesion associated to the pieces that cries to all the onlookers that observe as they travel throughout the gallery. This was not an easy assignment. The sky was literally the limit with all of the possibilities for themes for the new showing. We played a round with several ideas. One idea was ‘All Things New’. We thought this would be very interesting because, well the studio was brand new to us. We could choose pieces and artists that share in this expression of newness and renewing of life. That theme was tossed back and forth many times. We also thought about love. Who doesn’t ponder over the intense consideration of love and all the mystery of this broad and crazy emotion. Once again, we pondered diligently over this theme as well.

Now we begin to look at more details. Colors and tone are huge issues. How do we want the atmosphere to feel? We researched smells along with color. Certain smells definitely evoke emotion. We wanted to present that emotion. We wanted the connoisseurs to crave for something. We were not quite sure what that craving would be quite yet, but we want there to be a strong craving. Smell coupled with color is definitely a great way to tug on the emotions. We as artists should know all of this stuff. We should know that some colors makes you hungry and others makes and environment feel sterile and cold. We researched all of the colors and smells that make people feel excited, sad, even angry. This all was such an intense experience that brought out great emotions within us as were working on grabbing the emotions from others that it became tiring, but great.

Next decision was lighting. Lighting is crucial to any theme because it works hand in hand with the mood that you are trying to create. Certain lights generate lots of heat. Do we want this? How do we offset this with our internal climate control? Lights truly make a big difference. Fading out, the angle, the glare-free scope of things; we needed to know how this all worked together. With the discussion of light, brought on the contemplation about the time of day to have the event. If we chose a building for the gallery with windows, how could we work with the sun light or perhaps even the moonlight if at night. Curious moments were still ahead.

We needed to consult more specialist in order to overcome many of the obstacles. The great thing about this experience is that all of the questions and investigations lead to us meeting more great people. Some were in the lines of support work for us yet others were artists and artistic souls. We were able to get so much input on various areas of interest for the art theme. The journey has been truly irreplaceable.