Our Best Show Yet!

Our Best Show Yet!

All I can do is rejoice! All of the hard work has finally paid off. We have had our very best show ever! We want to take time to give respect and recognition to all of the great artists, art vendors, entertainment vendors, the community supports and everyone that contributed to the success.

First of all I have to acknowledge all of the great artists. This is the reason that we have come together for this great cause. We wanted to carry the art forward to many generations. Some schools are completely cutting funding in areas that involve artistic expression. We thank the artists that seek to continue to express the great love felt in sharing the arts and sharing skill associated with the arts. We also want to thank the vendors that assisted in so many ways. They were so available and gleamed with excitement about the event as much as we did. The art vendors went above and beyond their commitment to us in many ways. They helped us out and saved the day in many instances by contributing extra at times when we ran short.

The entertainment was just awesome. The average person would not understand the fun and joy in art. That’s why we are trying to bring a more than average excitement to everyone about art now. Bringing together many talents and genres; the community day would have been nothing without art. Music sets a mood and brings creativity to the mind. So the entertainment portion of community set it apart like none other.

Food had to be included as well. We had our vendors that added the unique touch to everything. We didn’t just want popcorn, but we desired vendors that made popcorn with a twist. They added popcorn balls and color, texture and dimension to the food. We had small cakes and cupcakes on display that made the event joined in every way. The food itself was art. From heart shapes, to small sculptures of people and buildings, art was truly displayed in everything that day.

Last but not least, we thank all of the people. We love our community and they showed us that they love us as well. So much support was given that day. We are so greatful for the drawings that were set up, because we were able to receive contact information for future contact. We know that this is only the beginning of many major events to come. The togetherness can be compared to few other instances. It was purely having an event coupled with the people, services and all come together in an unexplainable unison.

This truly was the best event ever. Once again, we would like to thank all that participated with us in the event. We will be doing this and greater again, perhaps annually. So look out for upcoming events with us.