Increasing Curb Appeal

Increasing Curb Appeal

Improving from the inside out. My trusty partner, Cameron is about to take care of some very necessary upgrades to the building. We both pride ourselves in setting our best foot forward in all that we do and in all that we are part of. We labored intensely to get the studio set up on the inside and have it presentable, including our major slop sink kitchen remodel. But now it’s time for some major curb appeal. It won’t require much either because the outside of the building has always been in great repair. There are only a few little things that have to be taken care of. A few touch-ups and a major bath.

Cameron decided that the building would look spectacular after it was pressure washed. Cameron took on this lone adventure to get this done and done right. First obstacle, finding a pressure washer to rent. Cameron did a Google search to first learn about the best pressure washers. So we came together and checked out some Wikipedia articles and some ehow articles. Determined to learn as much as possible, a good portion of a day went into researching the article. We learned a lot more, like proper pressure and the type of detergents to use. More important than what to learn was what not to do. This exercise was very needful.

Now Cameron was ready to start contacting vendors to rent the pressure washer and accessories. Who would have known there would be so many questions about a piece of seemingly simple equipment? There were numerous questions and the great dealers had all the right answers. Cameron finally picked up the pressure washer that would meet the needs of our building.

Outside, armed and ready; Cameron geared up for the experience of a decade. It was quite comical to watch , but I could not peel my eyes from the window. First if all, the simple assembly was not simple at all. Attaching the hoses and the spray attachments took lots of muscle. But Cameron never backed down. Finally assembled, ready, set, go!

Cameron pulled the trigger and the water spewed out with a force so great that it threw him back a few inches. Very hard to get and maintain steady footing, Cameron fought through it like a champion. After several minutes, things got easier and easier. The pressure washing was done like a professional.

Once Cameron was done, the bricks looked absolutely new. That was really all the outside needed. I am so proud and fortunate to have a great partner that cares just as much about the business as I do. The artists and the renters both compliment the new fresh look from the pressure washing. Thanks Cameron!!!!!