How Thin is Too Thin

How Thin is Too Thin

We have truly become a family here at the studio. We know each other more intimately than most people know there families. That being said, we notice things. We begin to notice everything about one another. One of my observations made me very concerned. I am into health and fitness. As a matter of fact, health is next to my number 1 love of art. We even have times at the studio for relaxation, stretching and yoga. Fitness is a huge deal. But I have been observing one of our artists from a far. This week when I saw her, I had to ask myself, “How thin is too thin?”

Macy has been coming to the studio for a while now. She is enthusiastic, creative and paranoid about her weight. She is a beautiful person possessing inner and outer beauty but she doesn’t know it. I have been watching her from a distance because she is not very talkative, but has a stunning presence. The first conversation that we actually had startled me because it was all about her having trouble with her weight. She is about 5 foot 6 and at that time only 130 pounds max.

Today, when I saw her, I had to say something. I went over to her and just tried breaking the ice. I asked her how she was doing and then about the piece she was working on. Quiet and very brief answers are all I received. I tried to engage in ways that would inconspicuously lead to weight. After a few moments of beating around the Bush, I just came out and asked her how much weight she lost. She stopped in the middle of the brush stroke. She stared forward for a moment and then softly responded. “Only 5 or 6 pounds.”

I nearly lost it. This girl had to have lost twenty or more pounds. She was way too thin. Mr. Bones, our high school biology skeleton, was larger than she is now. She turned back to me to say she needed to lose more but always struggled with her weight. I asked her was she seious. She looked puzzled as if I were teasing with her. I definitely was not teasing.

She finally got frustrated and maybe annoyed. I was passed frustrated and annoyed several minutes ago. Why can’t she see her beauty? She said she was fine . I insisted she was not. I asked her how much she weighs. She told me she weighed about one hundred and twenty pounds. I responded, “No way!” I demanded her to get on the bathroom scale. She was reluctant at first. I insisted though.

We slowly made our way to the locker room. She walked over slowly and removed her shoes from her feet and all the change and keys from her pocket. Macy stood on the scale. The scale read one hundred and one. I told her see, you are too thin. Please stop the dieting. You may need to talk to someone. You are not fat at all.