Even on an Off Day

Even on an Off Day

A few friends and I had planned a great little getaway. We love the outdoors and being part of nature. So since things were coming together so beautifully at the gallery I knew I could take 1 day off. It was time to hit the waters and go kayaking. This was one of my favorite passtimes.

A couple of my best friends met up at my house and we began to load up. We used my friend’s pickup truck so we would have plenty of room for all of the gear. We had to load in kayaks, paddles, and huge hiking bags. You just never know where an adventure will lead to. I was super excited since I had not been in a while. I couldn’t wait. Just before we left though, I had to check one more thing. I can’t go on any adventure without my camera. You never know where the next awesome shot will come from and experience tells me that there is always the perfect shot waiting to be taken in nature.

Finally we were off. It was only about an hour drive to the location. We arrived ready to get going. We all got our gear together, applied sunscreen, sprayed a little bug repellent and we were ready to hit the rapids. We headed back to the truck to grab an inflatable kayak. All of us took our section and headed to the water. The adventure began.

Once we were in the water, a sense of freedom and exploration pierced my soul. I couldn’t take it even a moment. I had to grab the camera. It seems like every shot caught my attention. There were the changing colors of the trees along the bank of the river. Then there were the different plants. I had to get a shot. I brought my attention to the water. It was beautiful. It was not crystal clear, yet it was so inviting. Just then, a fish leaped from the water performing acrobatics like an accomplished gymnast. I nearly toppled out of the boat trying to get a shot of a school of salmon swimming together. They were orderly and neatly lined up in rows even as they shifted slightly around to avoid the kayak. How can one not enjoy such beauty that is laid before us.

I took my gaze back up and over and there was a deer and her baby. They are such strong animals, but they appear so delicate to the lens. Perfect shot for a nature lover. Just above the deer were the most unique looking species of bird. I had to capture the very moment it was about to take flight. It didn’t stop there though. Shot after shot after shot, I captured the majesty of the bird taking to the sky and absolutely owning it.

As our kayaking venture came to an end, I was still so excited. I had something to take back with me. When I arrived back to the gallery, I couldn’t wait to get in there and find a local place to have my photos developed. I could just picture them already organized and framed. They would be strategically displayed throughout the gallery. No day is an off day when you love what you do.