Community Outreach; Hosting an Arts Day

Community Outreach; Hosting an Arts Day

This is the reason that we are in this business. We want to give back and show our love of the arts to the precious many that would not be complete without this tremendous expression. There was no better way to give back and promote our up coming venture than to have an Arts Day for the community. We had lots of planning to do again, but all would be well worth it. We have to set aside a location, get vendors, and get artist and arts teachers.

We were really picky again about location because we need it to represent all that we are and all that we want the future gallery to become. We want to draw as many as possible to the community arts day and not forget that it is all about community. People from all around hopefully will join, but we have to find the angle to attract those close to home since they will surely be our biggest supporters for the long haul. So we began to search for the official location. Parks and community centers were the favorite choices for the Community Arts Day.

Now we needed vendors. This task was reminiscent of the times of trying to find the artist to participate in the showing. We had to get several lists together again. We needed to find out who was interested and which vendors would work well to incorporate with the cause. We not only wanted those that are selling supplies for artists like different types of brushes and with several water and oil based paints. Those vendors will be quite easy to obtain, but we also need entertainment. We want young and old involved. We needed popcorn machines, cotton candy machines and funnel cake. This community day had to be fun and informative.

Finally, we went after the main ingredient. We went to get artists and art teachers. The vision was to have live portraits being painted right before the very eyes of those interested. We wanted demonstrations of paint mixing and several types of brush strokes to cause the artist’s intended effect. Also we needed some teachers. No one can learn unless they be taught. We sought out great teachers that would be patient, be creative and inspire. We sought people with a unique style that would bring out the complete novice’s inner artist.

This event was huge and I am sure it will make the difference for us in all of our future endeavors in the art word. There are definitely more challenges to come for us, but we are gaining knowledge as we go. Nothing is considered a failure, but all is chalked up to great learning experiences. Little fear is available anymore. Things are positively falling into place even when they don’t look like they will. We press forward to greater things as we continue on this journey. We are beginning to welcome the next adventure and the next instead of scurrying around with panic when unexpected questions and situations pop up. The gallery and the showing are just meant to be and we have the diligence and the resilience to face all of these challenges face on.