A Picky Client

A Picky Client

There is an old saying that goes something like, ‘if you do something you love, it seems like you never work a day in your life’. The art gallery has most definitely brought some blissful feelings to us. It has been nothing less than a dream come true. But even dreams get a little complicated at times as do people. We had a challenge today with a nice lady with some very certain unchanging ideas about what would happen and where.

Around ten this morning, a very hip looking young woman entered the studio. She seemed serious and determined from the onset of the visit. I greeted her with and a smile as usual. She proceeded closer and closer to me with something in her hands. As she got closer I could tell it was her cell phone. The young lady was thumbing through to find pictures of her living room which housed her newly remodeled fireplace.

I asked her how I could be of assistance sensing that there was something very specific on her mind. She responded that she needed art to compliment her new fireplace insert. She said she had to have the perfect piece to go right above it. I told her I could definitely be of assistance to her with that. I reached my hand gently toward her to grasp her phone slightly. I wanted a better look at the fireplace pictures and the surrounding decor in the living room. Instantly, I just knew the perfect piece in the gallery. We had just gotten it in and I was so excited.

I invited my client over to the area that housed her ‘perfect’ painting. I began to excitedly explain every detail about the painting. I was bubbling. I knew the artist quite well and that was just a plus to be able to sell one of his pieces. I went on a moment longer about the size and how the colors would reflect beautifully in the space right above the fireplace. Just when I thought I needed to escort the young lady to the counter, I looked at her face. My heart sank. She didn’t like the painting at all. She simply said, “Can we see something else?”

“Sure.” That was my faint sulking reply.

I let the young lady lead the way for a while. She gazed to her left and headed straight for a painting that I loved, but didn’t think it right for her space. Once we reached the painting, I cautiously explained what I thought. I was very cautious, not wanting to upset her, but wanting her to have that special something that she wanted. She listened and though, I made some great points, she still was torn. We moved on. This time, I took the lead again.

I wasn’t going to lose her trust nor this sell. This young lady came ready to buy, not just to window shop, so something was about to happen and soon. It did. The young lady finally smiled a big sincere smile from the eyes. It was funny because it was like we both looked at the same painting at the same time. We both knew it was the right one. My picky customer left happy.