A Home Improvement Dream Come True

A Home Improvement Dream Come True

Cameron and I share a wonderful place that keeps us close enough to the studio to make us comfortable. We have been living in this area for a while and love it, but there always come issues with any old property. Ours include the high power bill and low amount of hot water every morning. But thanks to a great art expo, these problems are soon a thing of the past. Cameron and I have been so frustrated getting up trying to get ready at the same, perhaps washing a load of clothes also just to find, no hot water for the next shower. This ends today. We can use the proceeds from our last art expo to fund the purchase of a tankless water heater.

We are heading out to get a new tankless water heating system. We heard that they are all the rave and worth every word of it. So we are about to be part of it. They are having an awesome sale at a local store that will throw in installation for free so we had to jump on it. We went right in with our chests stuck out proud ready to move into this century with the new water heater technology. We were surprised at the seemingly simple package that the system came in. It made us wonder if we could install the system ourselves. We decided against that though since not long back a pressure washer had nearly taken Cameron out of this world.

We are so excited. We have our system and had a time set up for the installation. As a matter of fact, we have someone coming out today that will get us set up well. We are happy we didn’t try installing it ourselves. It might not be too hard for more experienced Do-It-Yourselfers, but we are new to this. We know nothing about gas and electric connections and all of that.

The installation guy has finally arrived. I ran to the door like my long lost uncle had just gotten here. It’s about to happen. In the morning I planned to intentionally start the dishwasher, the clothes washing machine and take a shower all at the same time. I am confident in our new accessory. Cameron will still be able to take a nice warm shower when I am done.

The total installation didn’t take very long. The installation technician did a great job. The walls still look really good and there are no unnecessary holes or marks left behind. This is truly one of the best decisions we have ever made togethet. The tankless water heater ranks high on the list with the studio. This was a guiltless purchase for sure. When I tried my theory, it was correct, I really could run multiple devices and we still had hot water available.

Just food for thought, I don’t recommended installing one without a professional. It really looked quite intense and like an exact science. It’s always better to get help and make sure you don’t break something and void whatever warranty that you would have had.