The “From Slop Sink to Beautiful Kitchen”

The “From Slop Sink to Beautiful Kitchen”

Nothing says progress like beautification; like nothing also screams ugly like an outdated kitchen. It was time for forward progress again with the studio. We knew when we took on our new perfect place that perfect didn’t really mean perfect. But, instead, as artist, Cameron and I had perfect vision of what a bit of a mess could become. Mostly walls, we didn’t have a great deal to fight with. We did however know that we had to bring this space up to date for future renters. We wanted things to be accessible comfortable and worthy to bring out the creative side of the tenants. As it stood, this would not be the case. The cure was, a new kitchen centered around the Slop sink.

Where do we begin? We had to first, get permission from many people about building and remodeling. We had to pay a bit just to get permits and licenses before we could start construction of any kind. This was another area that we had to just jump into and learn on the fly. We were forced to take numerous trips to the city officials to assure that we weren’t doing anything wrong by building or tearing anything apart. So we got through all of the legalities and paperwork. Now we move on to design and picking out new flooring, back splashes, decor, and appliances.

We found a great designer. She was able to capture our ideas and get them to paper. We stressed that the design must be centered around the existing slop sink that currently stood in the studio. The Slop sink was not a pretty sight, but it was the nostalgia that we were going after. We wanted the look to surround that rustic type time frame in history. We just knew that the slop sink had to stay. The designer was too willing to oblige.

We now arrived to the fun part. We get to go shopping. We have the opportunity to pick out the flooring, wall coloring, back splash material and appliances plus of course a brand new pull down kitchen faucet. It was easy to come up with the colors with the help of the designer. We were wanting to focus on the bright and vibrant colors. The atmosphere had to invite life and liveliness throughout. We saw swatches of many colors and patterns until we were satisfied.

Last, but not least, the the appliances had to be chosen. All the rave is stainless steel, but we weren’t that sure about this selection. Stainless steel may be the most popular in maintream, but not for us. Remember, it’s all about the slop sink. We searched and searched and then we came to some great conclusions. Everything came together so nicely right down to the flooring.

We are so pleased with the way things turned out. This is a project that will be forever remembered. The future tenants and any other visitors are sure to love the new ‘slop sink kitchen’.